Monday, 21 December 2015

Congratulations and Happy 2016!


On behalf of the S'Agulla Team and myself, we would like to congratulate you for all the hard work. WELL DONE!!!

You have done lovely presentations to introduce yourselves and showed us a little about the bit of ocean that you enjoy!

Now we know that the Sea Surface Temperature (SST) is not even, compared to last October average SST it is about 6ºC colder and that, depending on the area, the year with smallest SST oscillation was 2006 or 2014.

Taking the measure of the Secchi disk didn't go well, but it is an important measure to know indirectly how much plankton there is in the water. Remember that plankton is the base of the marine food chain!

The beaches you have been surveying have hardly no tides, but the Mediterranean Sea is not a lake, otherwise the SST would be the same all over!

You have similar kind of sand, with similar colour and grain size which make the profile of the beach also similar. Some of you have noticed with Google Earth's images that sand does accumulate at one side of the port. Have you guessed why?

And it has been fantastic to know your menu, so you love red shrimps but you really catch more anchovies!

Looking forward to seeing your audioguides if you manage to have time to post them up!

In any case we wanted to wish you:

All the best!

Sharky and The S'Agulla Team

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Comments from Sharky! (Marine species)


Now I know what I will find on the menu when I swim over to your part of the ocean.
So I see you appreciate more the red shrimps although you fish more european anchovies. No problem, I'll have the shrimps as a started and the anchovies as the main course, yummy!!!

Looking forward to the rest of infographics, I like changes in my diet!



Friday, 4 December 2015

Marine species from Arenys de Mar (1r D)

we are 1r D and this is our infrograma. We hope you enjoy it.

Marine species from Arenys de Mar (1r C)

we are 1r C and here you have our work about marine species. We hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Audioguide (Activity nº5)


We are very pleased to see all the good work you are doing! While you are finishing off the infographic of the marine species we are moving on to the last activity of the Oceans project: the audioguide!

Activity nº 5: Audioguide
Objective: create an itinerary of the 'Fish Route', specifying the location of the fishing grounds, port, fish market and other information of your interest!

ICT suggested: Eduloc >> 

Source of data:
  • Survey you have already done
  • Internet
(Teachers will supply you with the tutorial of Eduloc)

Label of the post: audioguide
Deadline to complete the form: 23rd December
Suggestion: We recommend working in teams, where every group is in charge to look up different kinds of information.
Please remember only one audioguide per class!

All the best!

The S'Agulla Team

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Comments from Sharky! (The Sand)

So you have already gathered and analysed the data referring to the sand! 
Let's have a look....

IES Tres Turons 1C I am afraid you have not gone over your GPS coordinates yet, they are still of a point inland... And Ins Puigcargol I just hope that all the sand is from the same beach. Remember that when doing research it is very important to know where the data comes from!

Ok, now let’s relate the granulometry with the height and diameter of your heap of sand. Does finer sand make taller or flatter heaps? Do you think that wind and waves will move the sand in different ways depending on the size of the grains?
You have not observed differences in the inclination of the slope of the beach face. But thinking on your results of the experiment, which beach do you think will have a steeper slope?

I see that the main factor that brings sand to the beach is rivers from the mountains nearby. But IES Tres Turons 1D adds that the Tordera River, which is further north, also brings sand. What process brings the sand from the Tordera to Picòrdia beach of Arenys de Mar? 

If you get the answer to the last question, you will also be answering the questions of the water!!!
Come on, think about it. All students from all the schools can suggest an answer!

Looking forward to your comments!!!!