Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Hi there ocean lovers! we're 60 students of 1rst ESO from the high school Secció d'Institut Sunsi Mora. We live in a small village next to the sea, that's why we love it and we want to participate in this project! We want to know more about our sea, their living thing, pollution threat and how is the situation of oceans around the world. We hope we learn a lot together! 
See you! :-)

Monday, 16 January 2017

Hello from Cambrils.


We are 27 students in the class of 3rd of ESO School Cardenal Vidal i Barraquer eager to prove that we are able to do. We are between 14 and 15 years old and live in a small coastal town in Catalonia (Spain).

Our presentation

Hello from Istanbul!


We are 17 Students from Fenerbahce College, Istanbul-Turkey. We are excited to learn about the seas around our country and more about the oceans around the world.

Here is our website: http://www.fenerbahce.k12.tr/

Here is where we are located.

The Water (activity 2)


Congratulations to the schools for their presentations and for keeping to the schedule! Those who haven't put up theirs yet, please do it as soon as possible. I'm looking forward to meeting you TOO!

Also remember to label your posts! Those who have forgotten to do so can edit their post again and add the information. Thank you!

We are moving on to the next activity.

Activity nº 2: The Water
Objective: complete the form The Water >>

Source of data:
  • Survey
  • Experiments in the classroom
  • Internet
(Teachers will supply you with the information about the survey, experiments and webpages)

Information of the post: After the survey you can already post the photos of the beach you are studying along with the name of the beach, town, GPS coordinates and graph of the monthly average Sea Surface Temperature 
Label of the post: water
Deadline to complete the form: 6th February
Please remember only one form per class!

All the best!


Friday, 13 January 2017

Hello from 1st ESO B in Falset


We are the 1st ESO B class of the Institut Priorat of Falset. We are 26 students, and we are between 12-13 years old. Ocean's project is amazing !!!!

Hello from Falset 1st ESO A

We are the students of Institut Priorat, in Catalonia.
Our class is 1st ESO A. We are a class with a lot of energy !!!
We are happy to participate in this project!!!

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

hello from INS Front Maritim, Barcelona


Hello! We are 18 students from Barcelona, Spain, studying at Front Maritim Institut, in the 1st of ESO.  We are very excited about this project, it sounds awsome, we can't wait!! We want to learn about our ocean and this it's a great way to do it!
In this picture we are in our Biology and Geology lab.

This is the location of our school

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Welcome! (Activity 1)


Welcome to the Oceans project!

I'm Sharky and I'm going to help you with the Oceans project. Let's start with the first activity that you will share on this blog:

Activity nº 1: a presentation to introduce yourselves. 
Minimum information required:

  • Name of the class
  • School
  • Town
  • Country
  • Image of the students
(You can add any other information of your interest)
Format: all formats accepted
Label of the post: presentation
Deadline: 16th January
Please remember to put the title on the title box of your post, otherwise it will not com up on the list of posts!

As well you can start deciding on the beach you are going to survey and prepare the gear you will need: containers, a thermometer and a Secchi disk!
Your teachers will provide the information you need.
The data gathered will be required in the next activities.

Looking forward to meeting you!!!