Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Comments from Sharky! (The Sand)


So you have already gathered and analysed the data referring to the sand!
Let's have a look... (Last update 27/03/2017)

Happy to see that all your coordinates are so accurate!

Let's have a look at your data. This is very interesting, you have very colourful beaches!
I have a question for the Col·legi Cardenal Vidal i Barraquer and for the Fenerbahçe College: is the sand made of the same minerals as the surrounding area, or does it come from up the coast?

And what a coincidence, all of you have very small granulometry, so you are getting similar results. By the way, Fenerbahçe College, are you sure you got the size of the heap of sand right when you did the experiment?

Well, I'm afraid that we'll have to wait and see the results of the other participating schools. Hopefully someone will have thicker grain and we'll be able to see the difference it makes!

So please, those that haven't done it yet, send your data! The Sand >>

You are all doing a great job!!!!!


PS - update 27/03/2017 Thank you South East High School for your data! I'm afraid that one of the objectives of this section is to let you see the effect of different granulometry on the shape of the beaches, but all of you have the same type of sand! Basically the thicker the sand, the steeper the beach front is. Also nourished beaches act as if they were of thicker sand because there's a mixture of all kinds of sizes of grain due to the human action. So these beaches are also steeper than a natural beach of the same granulometry. WELL DONE!

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