Sunday, 10 April 2016

Comments from Sharky (The Water)

Thank you for keeping me up-to-date with your surveys, the photos are FANTASTIC! And I'm also looking forward to see the rest!!!

Ok, you have sent some data regarding the water, so let's have a look...(updated 20th April)

Ups! I'm afraid that coordinates for some beaches are not quite clear. The students of Ins Sant Pol 1A de Mar need to add if the latitude is north (N) or South (S) and the longitude East (E) or West (W), 1C latitude is not written with ºC it's just º (degrees), Istituto Superiore I.T.I. I'm afraid you need some more decimals to define better your position since you are in the middle of the sea. Check on Google Earth and you will see what I mean.
And Ins Lluís Domenech i Muntaner please use the standard way, having to swim so much to visit you it gets me confused, thank you! 

Also Ins Sant Pol 1C are you sure the current is SW? It looks like you are going the oposite way from the rest of the coast...

Especial congratulations to Ins Lluís Domenech i Muntaner and the white sharks from Ins Serrallarga for noticing that you had to add the coordinates of the Secchi depth measurement! Although Ins Lluís Domenech i Muntaner need to add more decimals, the coordinates are inland.. As you can see the S'Agulla Team have added these coordinates to the table. BRILLIANT!!!

You can all send the data you want to correct to Carol, the coordinator of the Oceans Project. at She will be very happy to update the information for you!

I see that you are all in the Mediterranean Sea and although Arbatax is further South than Miami platja you have similar temperatures. You all agree with the years of maximum and minimum SST oscillation and....
WAIT A MINUTE!!!!! Is the Mediterranean Sea like a lake???? You hardly have tides! But is it really???????

Ok, some of you have commented on currents and winds. So let me show you how much the water moves around in the Mediterranean:

You will find more information about how this video was produced HERE>>

But there's something that the octopus of Ins Antoni Ballester have said. They think that they have a deviation of SST average because their measure was taken only one day. Well, let me explain that sea temperature changes very slowly, 1ºC is a big difference! But you have been also been looking at a time series from 2002-2015, that means 13 years of data. Do you think that is long enough to say that there's a climate change?

You can answer by leaving a comment on this post! (Just press where it says 'No comments' and leave a comment)



PS: And don't forget to post the photos of your beach if you haven't done it yet!!!


  1. Hello White Sharks, thank you for sending your corrections. WELL DONE!!!

  2. Hello Liceo Alberti, thank you for sending you data and photos. Cala Mosca is LOVELY!!!
    Sorry to hear about the problems with MODIS data. The S'Agulla Team have got in touch with NASA. They will let you know what you can do as soon as they get an answer. You certainly have the warmest water, NICE!!!!


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