Monday, 4 April 2016

Presentation 1st Batxillerat Ins Argentona

1st Batxillerat INS ARGENTONA


Hi! We are David and Cristina, we are students of first of Batxillerat in the High School INS Argentona.

Argentona (Barcelona) is in Spain. This town doesn't have a beach, so we going to work with differents beaches of Mataró, that is a nearly city of Argentona. Mataró it's a city that is a central coast of Mataró.

We have choosen two Mataró beaches very separete it.. You have a photograph under the presentation.

We are in this project for do our work of Batxillerat and for this we will need your information for comparate differents beaches of the world with our Catalonia beaches.

I hope that together we can complete this project and that above all we can know how are the different beaches in the world.

                                              The beaches that we going to study. The two beaches are in Mataró.

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